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I dunno how we're gonna work this once Clapp et al show up...but I'm just gonna keep making individual posts.

Manny Ramirez is rumored to be going to the Marlins. I'm sure you've seen plenty of this if you've been on ESPN tonight. My question is, if you're Florida, what are you going to do with him? Josh Willingham is already in left, and I have serious doubts that he can play right (as I read/heard that Hermida is considered to be leaving in the deal). You certainly cannot play Manny in right field...he is absolutely atrocious when away from that short Fenway left field.

Rumors are also that the Red Sox would flip whatever they were getting from Florida for Jason Bay. My thinking is Jason Bay going to command such a premium that Florida could not move for him themselves? I'd take Bay's defense over Manny's, and at last look they were having comparable years. Bay is signed for 09 (which may be a hindrance to Florida ownership, sadly) whereas Manny has 2 20 million dollar option years (which Florida would never, ever pick up).

Looking at this from the other side, there is absolutely no reason the Pirates should not clean up on Bay...both Tampa and Boston are heavily interested in him, apparently. Both those teams have solid farms. Barring an absolute botching of this by Pirates management...and Dave Littlefield is not there to execute this plan...the Pirates should really get 2-3 really, really good prospects in return for Bay. Maybe even studs. Reid Brignac? I'd imagine that Tampa would move anyone not named Price.

More to come. Comments always appreciated.

Edit - 9:45 - As Theriot drives in 2 with a triple, I just wanted to add to this Manny ordeal that, after stating that the Red Sox don't deserve a player like Manny, one has has to imagine that Manny may have forced Boston's hand this year. Although if history shows anything, Manny will say tomorrow he loves the Red Sox, it was taken out of context, it was just Manny being Manny, he'll hit a homerun, and all will be well. Then the Red Sox will foolishly pick up his 20 million dollar option and we'll see this entire song and dance again next year.

Edit - 11:24 - Per RotoWorld:

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus says the Red Sox, Pirates and Marlins have agreed to a three-team Manny Ramirez deal, pending Ramirez waiving his no-trade clause and league approval.
Carroll, not normally one of our preferred sources, has the Red Sox getting Jason Bay and John Grabow; the Marlins acquiring Ramirez, cash and a prospect from the Red Sox and the Pirates picking up Jeremy Hermida, two prospects from the Marlins and one from Boston.

I have to say, I really don't understand this. If I'm the Marlins, I'd send Hermida and the two prospects for Bay and say to hell with Grabow. Instead, the Marlins are going to be taking on a defensive liability who is going to bounce at the end of the year. It's entirely possible that the Marlins are already preparing for their post-contention break-up. Or maybe they prefer the 2 picks to Jason Bay.

For Pittsburgh's sake, I hope they get legit prospects this time.

Edit - 11:45 - More news, ripped from RotoWorld:

ESPN's Peter Gammons says a Manny Ramirez deal is not done, in part because the Pirates aren't yet satisfield with their return for Jason Bay.
Gammons talked to Ramirez's agent, Scott Boras, who said he's yet to be informed of anything. Still, Gammons seems to be changing his tune on a deal getting done. Whether or not the Pirates are involved, Gammons believes Ramirez will be moved to the Marlins following his remarks Wednesday about the Red Sox not deserving him. The proposed three-team deal has Boston getting Bay and John Grabow from the Pirates and Pittsburgh picking up Jeremy Hermida and prospects. The matter apparently won't be decided until just before the deadline.

Hard to judge where the Pirates stand on this matter seeing as the prospects have not yet been revealed. It's good to see them (if you're a fan of the Pirates, at least) realizing that they're in a position of power here and they can always trade Bay next year.

Edit - 1:09 - is reporting that the Manny to Florida deal is close, though the Pirates may or may not be involved. I still think it's beyond a little crazy for Florida to make this move, but that's just me.

The deal is going to have to be approved by the commissioner as the Red Sox would be paying about 7 million dollars on Manny's contract, per SI.

Edit- 7/31/-12:55 pm et- Peter Gammons reports that the deal is almost dead.

Furthermore, SportsCenter reports that Manny would approve a deal to the Marlins... but there's no deal yet.

Edit - 7/31 - 2:12 pm et - From RotoWorld:'s Ken Rosenthal has joined ESPN's Jayson Stark in saying that the three-team Manny Ramirez deal is "dead."
Rosenthal's source is an executive with one of the teams. The three-team trade had Manny Ramirez going to Florda, Jason Bay to Boston and Jeremy Hermida to Pittsburgh. John Grabow also likely would have changed hands somehow. It's unclear whether the Pirates' demands for prospects or the Marlins' quest for cash killed it. For what it's worth, Ramirez also denied that he had approved a trade to Florida.
Edit - 7/31 - 2:49 pm et - From -

Manny has apparently approved a deal to any and all teams. The Dodgers have re-entered the fray and are offering Andre Ethier and not Matt Kemp for Manny. Personally, I like Ethier and think he's been a bit unlucky this year...but that might be too small a return on Manny in spite of Manny's current year.

Kemp is an enigma. Every time I've seen him hit, he looks baffled by the major league curveball. The Dodgers moving for another outfielder is really odd, too, considering they have an abundance of expensive outfielders already. Trading Ethier or Kemp would lessen that, but what does that do to Pierre? Back to CF? Andruw Jones then?

Edit - 7/31 - 4:10 pm et - Ken Rosenthal has reported both that the Manny trade was back alive with the falling through of the Bay to Tampa deal and now that it is dead as well. I am skeptical that one of the two deals won't go through.

Plus, one would imagine that Manny really has to be moved at this point.

Edit - 7/31 - 4:33 PM ET - Ken Rosenthal sucks. NESN and The Boston Globe are reporting that Manny has been traded to the Dodgers in a 3 team deal, netting the Red Sox Jason Bay.

We shall see, once again.

Edit(Clapp)--7/31-5:00 PM ET- ESPN reports Manny is a Dodger! Jason Bay is going to the Red Sox as well. The Pirates get top third base prospect Andy LaRoche from the Dodgers, and right-handed pitcher Bryan Morris. They also get outfielder Brandon Moss, and hard-throwing reliever Craig Hansen.
Gotta like this deal for the Dodgers, as adding Manny likely makes them the favorites to win the up for grabs NL West. The Red Sox? Well, Jason Bay's damn good, and signed through next year. But... he's no Manny. But... it didn't appear it could work with Manny and they had to go their separate ways, and the Red Sox at least got something very very useful for him before he would've bolted for free agency in the offseason. The Pirates get 4 young players out of this, at least 3 of which will help them right away. Brandon Moss will likely start in left field for them, Craig Hansen is a potential closer of the future and might get the chance now even with Matt Capps being hurt, and Andy LaRoche is an on-base machine at third base. He'll likely start immediately.