People, I implore you... | Sharapova's Thigh

...stop this madness. This man is not good at his job. He's not even in the same zip code as good. Joe Morgan:Baseball Announcing::Fly:Stripping. And yet, he's ESPN's premier color commentator.

Tonight, during the Red Sox/Angels game, Joe Morgan dropped the following on us:

"Cesar Geronimo is the most underrated player on the Big Red Machine."

Cesar Geronimo's career line:



Maybe Joe is confused between the definitions of "underrated" and "bad".

Career OPS+ of 93.

People, this man not only has a vote for Hall of Fame entry, but is in some sort of position of power. I don't have the time to look it up. Why should I? Mr. Morgan does not take the time to learn anything about anything he is saying, and I assume he is paid handsomely. I, on the other hand, get nothing. I'm looking at you, Clapp...