Rumor: Joel Hanrahan to be moved to White Sox? - *Last Edit - 4:02 PM ET* | Sharapova's Thigh

From Rotoworld:

According to Nationals writer Bill Ladson, Washington is discussing Joel Hanrahan, not John Lannan, with the White Sox.
That makes a lot more sense. The White Sox would prefer a reliever anyway, and Lannan is someone the Nationals look at as a building block. Hanrahan won't come cheap, either, but he is a more realistic target.

Interesting move as I was of the opinion that the White Sox had a good pen already (Joe Morgan says it's the best over. Of course, he's an idiot). And Javier Vazquez has been absolute ass recently. Apparently they covet a reliever, though. Whatever. Seems like a waste of assets to me.

Hanrahan has 69 Ks in 61 IPs against 32 BBs. It'll be interesting to see what he commands

Edit - 4:02 PM ET - Rumors are starting to flow that the deal would be Nick Swisher for John Lannan and Joel Hanrahan. It's nothing but a rumor at this point and I can't even get a good link on it. Just something to keep an eye on.

I'm not sure why the Nats would make a move for Swisher as opposed to prospects. And I'm not sure how Swisher is commanding 2 major league ready players right now considering his meh year.

The deadline has come and gone now. Deals should continue to come in.