Thigh Of The Week: Jordana Spiro | Sharapova's Thigh

Jordana Spiro
One of my guilty pleasures is my enjoyment of the show My Boys. I don't know if it's even anything to be embarrassed about, but it's got a sort of Sex And The City feel to it so it makes me question my manhood.

But being attracted to the main character in the show, P.J. Franklin, is nothing to be embarrassed about at all.

She's not a super hottie, but plenty bangable, and her personality and interests, at least in the show, are off the charts. Well, off the charts for me anyway, because her character plays a Chicago Sun-Times beat writer for my beloved Chicago Cubs. She's a diehard Cubs fan, likes to watch and talk sports, go out to the bar and get drunk, has a great sense of humor... you get the picture. I only wish P.J. were real.

I guess I should have just titled this Thigh Of The Week: "P.J. Franklin", because I really don't know anything else about Jordana Spiro. Anyway, keep an eye out for her, and check out My Boys. Then please tell me you enjoyed the show so I feel better about myself.