Breaking News: Brett Favre's head falls off.....nobody cares | Sharapova's Thigh

In a shocking turn of events at Packers' training camp Brett Favre's head fell off his body. It laid there in a bloody mess on the field while a cadre of confused spectators and teammates wondered what the best course of action would be. According to many near the scene it looked something like this:

Immediate reaction was varied. Aaron Rodgers was seen running from the field screaming "I can't take any more of these publicity stunts the fucking job is yours!!!"

Not sure what to do Ryan Grant kicked Brett's severed helmet to see if indeed Brett Favre had "kicked the can." He was then quoted as saying "That's some disgustin shit."

A brawl erupted between several fans after a shouting match took place. Apparently one fan was heard yelling, "Shit now we're stuck with Rodgers." While the other said, "Well at least he's not a Viking."

Also in the immediate aftermath it appears that an unprecedented spike in reported decapitations has taken place in the Green Bay area. Allegedly fans want to die the same way that their hero and favorite son did.

Despite these unconfirmed reports we do in fact know that Aaron Rodgers will be the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers this fall as the Brett Favre saga has come to a screeching and tragic halt.

In other news: Nobody cares anymore.

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