Captain & Cola... In A Can? | Sharapova's Thigh

So I'm watching the Diamondbacks/Dodgers game, on the FSN Arizona brodcast. They just had a commercial for "Captain & Cola"... in a can.

Now, I'm as big of a rum and coke drinker as you'll find out there. When I go to the bar, it's usually a Bud bottle, or a double rum and coke with many ensuing drinks of the same kind as many of you well know. However, this in a can business just sounds rather, well, gross.

To have the right rum and coke, you need a good 3 shots in there of Captain Morgan's or a better rum if you're at the Wynn or the Bellagio, just enough coke so you don't swing your head around with that face you made after seeing pictures of Rosie O'Donnell in a swimsuit, and if you're me, a couple limes, preferably with a nice squeeze of the limes into there right away. Of course, once you down the first drink, you don't care about anything besides the rum, and that girl that you're talking to, who 20 minutes ago was a hog, and now looks rather attractive.

So what I'm getting at is, how are they going to create this experience in a can? It doesn't seem feasible. I need more information! I've searched for this on Google for the last 15 minutes, unable to find the commercial I just saw on YouTube, or even a single mention of this product in a Google search. Even on the Captain Morgan website, I was unable to even find anything about it. How is this possible? Did I blackout for 2 minutes and am imagining I saw this on television?

Whatever the case, we need to get to the bottom of this. Your opinions, and/or assistance on this mystery would be much appreciated.

Sorry we didn't have anything up the last couple days. Football viewing, baseball viewing, concert attending, and heavy drinking got in the way of any of the 10 of us writers doing a single blog. Anywho, I was interested in seeing if there was any new evidence to solve this Captain & Cola mystery. I Googled "Captain and Cola in a can", and didn't see any helpful results. Hell, this blog is third on the Google results for it.

But on a Google image search, this image came up:

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