David Stern Will Be Shitting His Pants Through The Summer Of 2010 | Sharapova's Thigh

ESPN reports that LeBron James would consider going over to Europe to play basketball, once his contract expires following the 2009-2010 NBA season, if he were to be offered around $50 million a year to play there.

The NBA and it's commisioner David Stern do not like hearing these rumors one bit. After the Tim Donaghy scandal was the league's worst nightmare, imagine if the league's brightest young star and most popular player were to abandon the league at the age of 25 before he even hits his prime.

This news comes after former Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Childress took a 3 year deal, for $30 million to play in Greece. It seems to be a trend we'll be seeing with the NBA salary cap not allowing players to make even $20 million per year, and these European teams trying to get superstars into their league, like the MLS did bringing in David Beckham from England for $250 million.

And just wait for ESPN to turn this into the new big story for the next 2 years once Favre is traded... or his head falls off.


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