Instant Replay in MLB is on its way... | Sharapova's Thigh

...and I couldn't be happier. I love not having to be concerned about home runs and ground rule doubles, fan interference, and (if I had my way) closer looks at the hotties sitting in the bleachers (I guess I could use Tivo, but whatever.)

The idea of instant replay being introduced to MLB brought up some interesting thoughts amongst my friends about the extant in which technology should be used in baseball. Personally, I don't mind using technology to assist umpires in rechecking close calls...but that's where my support ends. I've heard some say they wouldn't mind using technology to replace the use of umpires. This would remove the human aspect of enforcing the rules of the game.

Of course removing umpires is a mixed bag. Umpires are able to become a part of the game. There wouldn't be any posturing or bigheadedness by smug umpires. At the same time, it removes the romantic aspects of the game like the general theatrics of an umpire. Of course technology is subject to error...just as humans are.

Is technology in baseball a good thing? And to what extent?

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