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Let's talk about college football, week 1

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 8/31/2008 12:00:00 PM | , , ,

I'd like to say this will become a weekly thing, but let's be realistic...I'm lazy. And a drinker. Possibly a fiend, too. But for week one, we're golden.

  • The ACC really showed up, didn't they? NC State gets shutout by the South Carolina Gamecocks, Virginia Tech upset by East Carolina, the "cream of the conference" Clemson gets absolutely annihilated by Alabama...they did get that quality win from Wake Forest over Baylor though!! Let's end the charade, people. The ACC is not now nor has it ever been a power football conference. For the ACC champion to get a spot in a BCS bowl is ridiculous. For instance, the Clemson Tigers who looked like a High School team last night against Alabama still has a really good chance to make the Orange Bowl. Have you seen their schedule? It's laughable. Although I'm sure the Citadel and South Carolina State will give them a run for their money.
  • The Big Ten, again, is going to be down. Michigan loses at home to Utah...geez. I doubt that there are as many people in Utah as were in the Big House Saturday and the Utes came in and got the victory. Wisconsin's okay, Penn State is probably over-rated, Illinois looked absolutely lost on defense...they'll fill out all their bowl slots in underwhelming fashion. At least Ohio State has to play USC this year during the regular season. After USC beats them by three TDs, hopefully we'll all be spared another BCS title game appearance by tOSU, and subsequently be spared another 40 point trouncing.
  • How about USC? They have third stringers that would start on almost every other team in the country. Mark Sanchez looked really strong and showed great arm strength and mobility. The stable of running backs USC has is absolutely incredible. I'm pretty confident that USC could have covered the three TD spread without having to pass the ball at all against Virginia (another school from that power ACC). Barring a colossal meltdown against Ohio State, USC looks poised to go for it's second national championship. Some will say third, but they only one the BCS title once before. Saying they were the two time champions was something done to create interest: if the BCS determines the championship, then how can you call the person who finished number one in the -other-, non BCS poll the champion?
  • Some quick thoughts: Pitt gets beaten by Bowling Green...nice call on that BCS appearance, Mark May; Florida unloads on Hawaii - this Tebow kid? He can throw too; Texas A&M loses to Arkansas State...yea. Everything is bigger in Texas, even the sucking; LSU shows how a real team handles a I-AA...or FBS...or FCS...what in the hell is it? LSU takes App State behind the woodshed; I won't lie, watching Illinois lose made me smile.

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