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Second Best Division in Baseball?

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 8/14/2008 10:05:00 PM | , , , , , ,

Ok, so its safe to say that the AL East is baseball's toughest division this year. The intriguing and exciting Rays. The Evil Empire and the Evil Empire Plymouth Rock location. The Jays and the O's are even pretty decent. What's the next best division though?

It's obviously not the NL West, wasting more words on the suckitude of division wouldn't be worth my while. That being said, I'm going to. I heard this crazy stat during the Rox game today that the DBacks are 31-16 in the division this year. Do you know how awful that makes them outside of the division?

So number one and number 6 are easy, but the next four I'm really not sure. Honestly I think you could rank the other 4 in any order and your only disagreement would be personal preference.

Just by guessing I would rank it this way. What do you think??:

1.) AL East: see above
2.) NL Central: The more I think about this, the easier this decision is. Cubs have the second best record in the league this year. The Brew crew will be in the playoffs (whether the wildcard or catching the Cubs). The Cards are surprisingly good. And by surprisingly good I do mean that I thought they'd be awful this year. There's a large drop off after that, but the division is top heavy enough.
3.) AL Central: At the beginning of the year I thought this #1 by quite some distance. The Indians have been the most disappointing team in the league this year. The Tigers are number two. You had to think that the Twins and the White Sox would be good with their young talent, even the Royals are playing better this year. I guess underachieving shouldn't weigh into this, but here's the personal preference coming in.
4.) NL East: The Mets and the Phils are battling for the top spot. The overachieving Marlins are trying to hang in. But then there's the other two. The Braves are declining and will probably be worse next year. There's nothing that can be said about the Nats. Truly horrible.
5.) AL West: I want to rank this division higher because the Angels have the best record in baseball, the Rangers have the best offense in baseball and the A's have Billy Beane. Unfortunately the Mariners are in the division and they are almost beyond description in their sheer putrescence. Actually the more I think about it this is an easy decision.
6.) NL West: see above

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