Thigh Of The Week: Alicia Sacramone | Sharapova's Thigh

Alicia Sacramone
Poor Alicia. She looked like she wanted to cry her eyes out after 2 big mistakes, which played a large part(no, it's not the sole reason they didn't win, and the stats have shown that they apparently wouldn't have won anyway) in the USA not winning a gold medal in the gymnastics team final. And screw the NBC camera assdicks following her around like crazy after it.

It's okay though Alicia. You know why? Because you're the hottest shit in Beijing. You've given a boner to millions of men around the world. That's worth more than a fucking medal. Sure, a lot of people will always remember you for the blunders on the balance beam and floor routines, but just as many people will remember you more for being the hottest olympian they've ever seen(raises hand).

So, shake it off, we all make mistakes. You're only 20. You've still got plenty of opportunities to cash in. Take the magazine offers, especially to pose nude. Most importantly, keep that body tight. Don't go Dominique Moceanu on us and go from thigh of the week material to thunder thigh material in just a few years. That would be the biggest mistake of your career.

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