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Or: Glitch Glitch Glitch.

This is actually my second shot at writing this beast as the first one got completely deleted when I tried to throw in an image. And I can't figure out how to get it back. Ass.

Anyways, I absolutely love college football. This year, the University of South Carolina is going to go undefeated, win the SEC and BCS championship, and then my woman, Nastia Liukin, and I are going to retire in my mansion in my Magic Land where she can only wear a leotard. Oh yea...

Unfortunately, this game isn't as good as Magic Land. It's not even close, really. But then, what game could top the lovely lady to the right? Anyways, this game stinks. In fact, if I were a different person, I might call it junk.

The game has an...interesting way of preventing blowouts. EA has elected to simply make the game fuck you over as opposed to improving the AI. Expect several fumbles, ridiculous Superman style picks, the opposing defensive linemen not biting on play-actions, and your WRs inexplicably stopping on crossing routes which leads to an automatic interception. This keeps you from blowing out everyone else you play (at least on All American difficulty), but it has to be the most frustrating way of accomplishing that goal.

Campus Legend is stupid. In NCAA 08, the midweek choices you made at least had consequences. Help a friend move? Maybe it'll help your popularity, maybe you'll injure yourself. This year, they have completely stripped it down to nothing more than simple clicking and then playing the game. There really is no reason to do the midweek stuff (except for "study" so as you don't fail out and find yourself benched). The coach in Campus Legend is also incredibly frustrating. You only get to control your player, so if you're a QB you only control his actions (hit the button to throw). The thing is, the coach will call 70% running plays and you cannot do anything to stop that. So most of the time you are simply clicking "A" and watching your QB hand the ball off or, more likely, run the HB Toss and lose 3 yards. The coach also has no concept of down or distance. This entire mode is broken and really should be avoided.

The one redeeming quality to this is Online Dynasty mode. You can hook up online with 11 other people and play them, play your schedule, and recruit against each other. It's a great addition...and it is filled with flaws. As Clapp, Baron, and I have played ours, we've come across the following issues:

- Clapp losing a win because the game didn't save
- Players who had agreed to stay vanishing from the roster
- A glitch that does not allow for the hurry up offense, instead calls a QB draw when time is running out
- A glitch where the opposition elects to not use their timeouts on a game winning drive
- And the most ass-backwards way of advancing the have to wait for everyone to set their depth chart before you can move on, everyone redshirt players, everyone set took us about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to finish a 5 person dynasty offseason. Annoyingly slow.
- The game also requires the commish to advance it each week, even if all members in the league have clicked that they are ready to advance. That's just stupid.

So it's a good idea, but really, really needs work. If you own NCAA 08, stay away from this nonsense. It's just not better. Team Animations and Mascot celebrations aren't worth 60 bucks. If you have XBox live and want to join do an Online Dynasty, go for it. But caveat emptor on this one. It will lead to more frustration than fun, I fear.

Sadly, people will still buy this because it's the only NCAA football game in town. But I think it's absolute junk.

Fly's Grade - 3.5/10

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