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$50 bounty

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 9/30/2008 12:35:00 PM | , , ,

Dead. Alive. Torn ACL. Arm chopped off. Ruffied.

If you bring about any of these eventualities I have $50 for ya.

Is that really what it will take to bench Derek Anderson? This guy is a nitwit. I was irrate when several teams had offer sheets for Anderson and the Browns elected to keep him. That would have meant a first and third round pick ladies and gents. Plus we could have seen Brady Quinn's incredible smile on a regular basis. DA is horrible. Last year was a complete fluke. Ok, Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel, I understand that his play saved your jobs last year. I understand this sense of loyalty you have to him.

Newsflash goons: If he keeps playing this way y'all are out at the end of this year!!!

The Browns have a bye this week, and a bye week cuts both ways. In my opinion it is the perfect time to get Brady ready and start him against the Giants on Monday Night Football. That won't happen. Instead DA will get the reps, get a week off, work on the timing for a week and still come out and stink against the Giants. Hopefully then he'll be benched anyway.

How does this not make sense to anybody else? DA's last 7 games 6 TD's, 11 INT's average passer rating of 57.4. Can't throw an out route. Has lost all of his confidence to throw the deep ball.

You look at the first two games of the season and say, well Dallas and Pittsburgh are tough defenses. Well that's proving to be incorrect as the Cowboys' defense has swooned and the Pittsburgh defense just allowed Joe Flacco to look good. Screw this!!!

One of the real crappy parts about all of this is that heat is falling on the defense. Defense hasn't allowed more than 300 total yards since the Dallas game. They hold the Steel to 10 points. Against the Ravens its tough to keep a team off the board when your QB gives up a pick 6 and throws two other interceptions that set the Ravens up inside the Browns 20.

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