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Enough Already...

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 9/30/2008 09:35:00 AM | , , ,

As we get ready for the Cubs/Dodgers playoff series, it's pretty obvious that the media is going to suck all the enjoyment out of this postseason. And by media, I mean ESPN.

I turn to Sportscenter to hear Tim Kurkjian discussing all the reasons that the Cubs won't win this year. Included in his expert analysis is the fact that the Cubs have four players on their team with last names that end in "no" (seriously...you can't make this stuff up...he even counted Fontenot).

Then the anchor discussed the bevvy of "curses" that have afflicted the Cubs: black cat, billy goat, ball through Durham's legs, and, of course, Clapp's boyfriend Steve-y B.

The most maddening part about all this nonsense, focusing on the Bartman stuff, is how the media always prefaces any talk about Bartman with "poor Steve Bartman" or a discussion about how Alou over-reacted and how it's not Steve's fault...blah blah blah. Let's assume that's true. It's not the Cubs fans who keep bringing Bartman up. Ask any Cubs fan and they just want to forget it happened and moved on. It's that very same media who keeps shoving the headphone clad Cubs fan back into our face. Seriously. Watch Game 1 on TBS on Wednesday and see how many times Bartman is shown mentioned. Then watch ESPN for highlights and recaps...if the media wants this guy to be cut a break, then maybe they should pull him off the screen?

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