Funny or Wrong? | Sharapova's Thigh has a brand new t-shirt for sale...and I'd imagine it's going to send New England fans into a frenzy.

Bernard Pollard is the infamous safety who rolled onto Tom Brady's leg (clean play), ending his season and providing ESPN with some non-Favre fodder. Now he has a fan club.

I'm not one to applaud injuries that don't happen to the University of Georgia or the St Louis Cardinals, but I thought the shirts were funny. Poor, poor Brady. Now he has to go home to Gisele and his millions upon millions of dollars. Put that in perspective: things Brady loss: the ability to play hop-scotch and have 4 250+ pound men pile on top of him. Things Brady gained: Gisele. He should tear his knee more often.

Oh, and pooooooooor New England fans. Oh, woe is them. They're (probably) not going to win another championship. My heart is breaking. With the crap schedule they play this year, I'm pretty confident that they're still going to make the playoffs.

As another aside, does it seem to anyone else that someone's legacy is going to be tarnished by this? If Cassel can run this system and win a bunch of games, does that lessen Brady's legacy, make him a product of the system? Or if the Patriots stink up the joint for the rest of the year, does that make Belichick less of a "genius", a man who has simply succeeded with an amazing talent? If I remember right, Belichick's pre-Brady Patriot's record is garbage.

Food for thought.

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