Ichiro vs The Mariners? | Sharapova's Thigh

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Fight! Fight! Fight!

One Mariners source reported to the media that Ichiro is wholly unliked within the clubhouse and even commented on wanting to "knock him out."

Knock out Ichiro? Umm...why? This sounds like a classic case of jock envy and shows you how far the Mariners have fallen. This was once a team that produced Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson and A-Rod. A team that won 116 games after letting those players go. Then, the face of the organization changed as the East met the West. Ichiro. ROY/MVP. Now he's the scapegoat of a clubhouse whose team has lost over 100 games this season and underachieved top-to-bottom throughout the organization...please. Perhaps the organization should do us all a favor and harakiri themselves. Or better yet, stick to Wii Baseball. I'm sure Nintendo has installed them in the clubhouse for batting practice anyway.

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