Johnny Drama: Not A Thigh Man | Sharapova's Thigh

Clapp here... I'm bumping Bz's blog in honor of the return of Entourage this Sunday night on HBO at 10 PM ET. Plus, we had only about 3 readers when he did this on January 30th, the second day of our blog's existence(we've doubled our reader count since!).

Having started a blog that involves sexy women we decided to go to an expert, a regular Dean Martin in the Hollywood circuit. When we couldn't get a hold of him we decided on another man of many circles. We asked Johnny Drama what he thought about Sharapova. He had this to say: "Ya know, she's an athletic chick. I dig that. Makes a man know he's gotta work the sack. And personally, I like a challenge. I remember when I did a spot on the pilot of Friends. Everyone was overboard for Aniston. I mean, she's cute and all, but that Kudrow was the one you want to bang. You could tell she had this thing where she'd ride like a jackhammer. The weird girls are always the freakiest. Don't get me wrong...I'd definitely let Jennifer fuck. She's got a great, tight little ass on her. Same goes for Sharapova. But the thighs...they're all mechanical...just for holding on to the horse. There's no aesthetics there. The foreign look is in now, though. So she's got a few things working for her. Great rack, too."

I guess we'll have to take his word on the subject, however much we might happen to disagree with his thoughts on thighs. Also, he did note that Sharapova has "fucking phenomenal calves."

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