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Question: Will I Still Be Able To Bang Angela If She Marries Andrew Bernard?

Thursday night means the beginning of season 5 of The Office on NBC and I absolutely cannot wait. Due to the writer's strike, season 4 had 11 less episodes than it was supposed to, so hopefully they really make up for it with a terrific season 5.

I'm just hoping they stick with the funny material and don't go too girly on us with the Jim and Pam crap. More Dwight, more awkward Michael Scott, more Andy, and for the love of God give me some more Todd Packer!

For those of you that don't know, and if I'm spoiling sorry but that's your own fault because you've had awhile to catch up on the show, Jim and Pam are going out, but Jim hasn't sacked up and proposed yet. Meanwhile, Andy proposed to Angela, but the end of season 4 has Phyllis(I think it was her) walking in on Dwight slamming Angela in the office. So, interesting storylines are set up for season 5 for sure.

Here's the description of the season premiere called "Weight Loss" from the official site:
"For the first time, we see what happens over eight weeks of the summer, as a Dunder Mifflin weight loss initiative causes the branch to diet and become obsessed with their weight. Michael (Steve Carell) pursues a friendship with his new HR rep, Holly (Oscar nominee Amy Ryan). Jim (John Krasinski) misses Pam (Jenna Fischer) who attends art school in New York. Dwight (Rainn Wilson), Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) attend to unfinished business. B.J. Novak, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Oscar Nuñez, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star"

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