Scott Kazmir...Great Pitcher | Sharapova's Thigh

...but dumb stupid-head.

On ESPN, he was discussing the importance of adding veteran presences to this year's Rays team and how important it had been. That nonsense aside, he then made mention of how huge it was to bring in Cliff Floyd and Troy Percival as they had "led their teams to World Series championships."

Alright then.

Let's not get into whether Troy Percival led the Angels to the 2002 World Series. He had an exceptional year and a good post-season. Even though he was only a closer.

But Cliff Floyd?

Cliff Floyd was on the 1997 Marlins. That year, he hit .234/.354/.445

"But Fly," you ask, "obviously Kazmir meant that his postseason performance was so dominant, so amazing, that he led the team to the ring!"

Cliff Floyd 1997 postseason - 0 for 2 with a walk and a run. That must have been one hell of a walk.

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