Thigh Of The Week: Anna Rawson | Sharapova's Thigh

Anna Rawson
FORE... play. I wish.

I watched "Rome Is Burning" on Friday, and Anna was on there for one of those correspondent segments where she shows us what she does on a normal day: golfing, modeling, making men drool and pitch a tent, etc.

For whatever reason, I hadn't even seen this girl before. I think when I hear the letters L-P-G-A, I just automatically block everything out after that. I won't be making the same mistake quite as soon anymore with this remarkable thigh out there.

This gorgeous 27-year-old golfer hails from Australia. She began modeling there at the age of 16, and realized her golfing talent was also good enough to pursue a career in. Anna came over to America and attended USC to play golf(anger building up as Matt Leinart probably got with her too).

And now in 2008, she's a rookie on the LPGA Tour. She's yet to have any success, but like Anna Kournikova, we're not going to complain as long as she keeps wearing short shorts and gives us the yearly accidental camel toe moment and/or upskirt shots.

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