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Well...response to Clapp's week 3 picks

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 9/21/2008 09:56:00 PM

Hello Silver Foxes.

Before this year I was convinced that 2 fantasy football teams was enough. Well it is. Ok, but this week I went 4-0 in my four leagues. Ok, yes I signed up for four leagues by accident.

So through 3 weeks I'm 9-3 total.

Does this braggodocio post mean that I will go 0-48 for the rest of the season? Probably. But dammit i can't take it.

Yes I knew that Desean Jackson would be legit, so I drafted him in all 4 leagues. yes I knew that Reggie Bush would finally be awesome, so yes I went too high to draft him in 4 of those leagues.

Have I been lucky in 2 of those wins? Hell yes I have, but dammit this is fantasy football and every owner need luck.

Am I going to Vegas next weekend to exploit the shit out of this new found fantasticism? Hell yes I am!!!

Is going 4-0 better than watching Grandma's Boy and Sorority Boys back to back? No it isn't, but it sure is fucking phenomenal.

Drive Monkey Drive.

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