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Arguably the most chaotic baseball game in the history of the sport is about to enter the bottom of the 6th inning. And I'm going to blog live during it!

It's 8:37 PM ET and they still haven't started. Did they not learn anything from the last 2 days? Let's play already.

And we're off like a prom dress. Geoff Jenkins against high heat usually isn't going to end well.

Guess who's wrong? Me. The Brett Favre look-alike doubles into deep right-center. This wind is intense.

Jimmy Rollins advances Jenkins with a perfect sacrifice bunt. The crowd is almost loud enough where we can't hear McCarver and Buck. Louder please!

Werth with a 2-0 count and takes a fastball on a tee. You have the potential World Series-winning run standing on third base. What are you looking for? Gotta take a hack there.

A weak pop up with the infield in, but the wind makes it a tough play, and Akinori Iwamura has just put himself in the Kosuke Fukudome/Sega CD discussion as he drops it. 3-2 Phillies, 1 out, Werth on 1st.

They keep showing Balfour, and the more they do, the more I laugh about how angry the FCC must be getting.

J.P. Howell into face Chase Utley, guess they're saving David Price for later. Well they better hope this doesn't get out of hand first. Of course Howell strikes Utley out on three pitches. I'm really looking dumber by the minute.

Pickoff attempt to first, Werth goes to 2nd even after he stopped for a second, still made it. Carlos Pena with a crappy throw. Howard then flies out to left weakly on the first pitch. 3-2 Phillies, nine outs away from a title.

Top Of The 7th:

Ryan Madsen in for the Phillies, facing Dioner Navarro. Navarro k's on a nasty 94 mph tailing fastball on in the inside corner. Rocco Modern Life Baldelli at the plate. YARDWORK! WE'RE ALL TIED UP!

Jason Bartlett rips a single into left, and now Howell will stay in the game since it's tied, and he lays down a sacrifice bunt. Bartlett at 2nd, 2 outs, J.C. Romero coming in for Ryan Madsen. So the Rays have knocked Madsen out of the game and still have Price available to go a few if need be. This game's moving in their favor all of a sudden.

Iwamura looks like he will take himself out of the Fukudome/Sega CD discussion with a base hit up the middle, but Chase Utley runs it down, and catches Bartlett trying to score. Utley throws him out at the plate. The umpire took forever to make the call because he ran into Romero. Dumbass.

Bottom Of The 7th:

Burrell absolutely destroys a ball to left-center, but the wind holds it up and it's a double off the wall. Looks like if he didn't pull a Soriano and ran hard out of the box, he might be standing on third base with no outs. Anyway, Eric Bruntlett will pinch-run for him, and the submarine right-hander Chad Bradford will come into face Shane Victorino.

Victorino with a couple pathetic attempts trying to bunt, but just grounds out to third base to do the job anyway. Runner on 3rd, 1 out. Pedro I Can't Hit A Slider To Save My Life Feliz at the plate.

Feliz with a single up the middle and it's 4-3 Phillies! Bring in Price before it's too late Maddon.

Now Iwamura with an absolutely unbelievable play on the shorstop side of second base, with a full extension dive and the flip to Bartlett for a force out. Now another nice play by him, inning over.

Top Of The 8th:

Carl Crawford leads off with a single. Gotta think he'll be running here.

Welp, he never gets the chance to. B.J. Upton grounds into a double play on the first pitch. That's an awful at bat.

2-0 on Pena, time to swing for the fence on this pitch. On a 3-1 pitch, Pena flies out to left. The Phillies' fans can feel it, especially with Brad Lidge waiting who hasn't blown a save all season.

Bottom Of The 8th:

David Price is in to face Jimmy Rollins. Rollins hits one to the track in left, another one that's gone on a normal day.

Price strikes out Werth looking, painting the corner with a 95 mph fastball. Utley walks with 2 outs.

Utley steals 2nd, 3-1 count to Howard. Shut up McCarver, you don't just put Howard on here. 96 mph fastball by Howard for the K.

Top Of The 9th:

Brad Lidge is coming in to try and make the Phillies world champs.

Evan Longoria down in the count 0-2. Those stupid towels are being waved by the fans with no regard for human life! Longoria pops out, 1 down.

Navarro has no chance on that slider. Then he of course singles on a slider on the next pitch. Fernando Perez pinch runs for the catcher, and Ben Zobrist comes to the plate.

Perez steals 2nd by a mile, 2-1 count to Zobrist. Remember, Lidge has 50 straight saves. The chaos continues!

Zobrist hits it as hard as you can to right field, but right at the right fielder. 2 down, Eric Hinske will try to keep the series going.

0-2 count, here we go. The home plate ump made the call on a check swing... I HATE that.

And he strikes out on a dirty slider to end it.

The Philadelphia Phillies Are World Champions!

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