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Happy Halloween

Posted by Matt Clapp | 10/31/2008 02:58:00 PM |

This is always a fun holiday. Plenty of hot girls getting drunk with few clothes on is just what the doctor ordered. I'm not so sure if I'll be getting dressed up tonight or even going out this time, and it never ends well.

In 03 I for some reason decided to go as Steve Bartman after he just broke my heart. I was confused then. Anyway, that night I apparently broke some really nice antique lamp at this girl's house, called her many derogatory names, made her cry, drank all of her beer, etc. I don't think anybody that's met me since this would be able to recognize my geeky 03 self in the picture.

In 04 I dressed up as Ace Ventura but my friend Brandon and I couldn't find the party we had planned on all night, probably because we were already hammered.

In 05 I was told I "had to dress up" to go to some party. So I threw on a plain white t-shirt, grabbed a sharpie, wrote "MC" on it, wrote "Can't Touch This!" in the corner by where my jeans front pocket was, and put a hammer in my pocket(that's what she said)... I went as MC Hammer. Dumbest costume ever, but surprisingly the ladies loved it. That's all that matters.

In 06 I just threw on some random clothes just so I had a "costume", and then last year, we dressed up as the bartenders at our favorite bar, Sullivan's. Trust me, these were spot on. We won the costume contest, which gave us a free $100 bar tab, which we of course spent the next night.

And just for fun, my friends threw these great "Ridiculous Parties" at any time of the year, where you just dressed... ridiculous. Easily the best costumes on the planet could be found at these. As for my costume at one of them a few years ago, just don't even ask.

As for some Halloween pictures you'll actually enjoy looking at, check out this article from The World Of Isaac: The 25 Hottest Celebrity Halloween Costumes.