MTV Launches Major Music Video Website: | Sharapova's Thigh

Remember when MTV was cool in the 90's, when they just played music videos all day long instead of reality shows about high schools and the constant whining and drama from skanks?

Well, the television channel doesn't seem to be changing, but at least they've started a great website full of over 16,000 videos with more to come daily. The website is MTV Music.

Yes, we have YouTube, but it seems the quality of these videos is very good. It's very Hulu-esque, and surely the success we've seen with that site played a big part in MTV launching this. Plus, there's a lot of videos from MTV's library nobody else has found that are available on this site. Lastly, you won't have to dig through a bunch of similar results to find what you're looking for. Just type the artist or song, and you'll be right there.

And yes if you're wondering about advertising, that will be a major part of this just like Hulu, but not yet at least. Hopefully they won't have 30 second advertisements before each video.

I'd imagine there's some videos currently on YouTube that MTV may do their best to have taken off of there, such as "Unplugged" concerts or really anything that's an MTV exclusive. So you might be forced to go to this site in the end anyway.

Also, I'll add this to our "Sites We Like" list.

I leave you with an example of MTV Music, with one of my favorite songs, and certainly my favorite "Unplugged" performance out there:

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