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KG Is The Cover Boy For NBA 2K9.

This one is for you Brooks.

For those of you that don't know, my great friend Brooks would come over to my old apartment with Rad McDude after the release of NBA 2K8, and rarely was he not playing the game(I told you about this on February 1st). I'd go to bed after Brooks had been playing, and wake up to him still sitting on our couch, and still playing the game. He was addicted to say the least. Non-stop Franchise mode(known as The Association in the game) in particular, while rarely playing games. Simulating, free agent moves, trades, etc. I'd estimate he'd play maybe 3 games on the entire season schedule. He must've had 30 different franchises going as well. It was just absolute chaos.

But really, it's hard to blame him. It's a terrific game, and I've loved the NBA 2K series since it began years ago with Allen Iverson on the cover for the Sega Dreamcast. I think I've purchased every single version since, and plan to purchase the latest version this week hopefully. And I'm thrilled to hear the latest NBA 2K is supposedly better than ever.

It's absolutely blown away the NBA Live series from EA Sports every year in my opinion, and most reviews over the last few years would agree with that. I trust IGN's ratings, particularly with sports video games over anybody else out there. Here's how they've scored each series over the last few years...

IGN's ratings since 2005:
NBA Live 06- 5.9
NBA 2K6- 7.8

NBA Live 07- 6.0
NBA 2K7- 8.3

NBA Live 08- 6.9
NBA 2K8- 7.9

And for NBA 2K9, they've given the game a score of 8.5. NBA Live 09 also comes out tomorrow, but IGN hasn't reviewed it yet. I'd imagine it won't get close to an 8.5 though.

Here's the trailer:

One feature I'm excited about is the "Living Rosters" addition to the game. It reflects the changes of players in real life, and makes such changes to the players in the game. So say like last year, Monta Ellis is tearing it up for the Warriors, but NBA 2K8 didn't rate him accurately in certain parts of his game, those changes will be made continuously in NBA 2k9 to best reflect his game by just downloading the updates online. Additionally, say LeBron James for example adds some new dunks and moves as the season goes on, those things will be added to the game as well as the year goes on. Sounds pretty sweet and here's a video to better display it:

Anyway, I can't wait to play this game and start my Bulls franchise with Derrick Rose. I'm making fun of Brooks now, but I'll probably be just like him for the next 3 months.

UPDATE(10/7/08): IGN gave NBA Live 09 a 6.5.

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