"The Office" Is Sort Of Disappointing Me... | Sharapova's Thigh

Don't get me wrong, it's still great, but I don't find myself enjoying the show nearly as much as I used to. There's still a few good quotes in each show, but the romances seem to be taking away quite a bit from what used to be the funniest show on television. There's way too many cringe moments.

I've yet to watch tonight's It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but for the most part I've laughed a lot more during that show than The Office in the early goings of the new seasons.

I will say I just about pissed my pants when Michael said, "It squeaks when you bang it... That's what she said" in tonight's episode.

Update(11:30 PM ET): Well I just saw It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and it was absolutely hilarious again.

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