Thigh Goddess Has A New BF... It's Not Me... I Cry | Sharapova's Thigh

Maria Sharapova Has Shattered My Heart.

The Cubs choke again. The Bears lose in about the most heartbreaking fashion imaginable. The Blackhawks are winless in three games. CSU scored a touchdown on the first drive against TCU on Saturday, didn't score another, lost 13-7. The Bulls can't even win a Pre-Season game. And to top off my misery, Maria Sharapova has chosen to date Charlie Ebersol over me. He may be rich and good-looking, but I dedicated a site to her thigh. Tears fall down my face. A few more stunts like this, and we may have to change to "Ivanovic's Camel Toe".

Russian tennis ace Maria Sharapova has found a new lover.
The 21-year-old former Wimbledon champion is said to be dating Charlie Ebersol, 25, whom she had met during a break.
“During her forced break in training Sharapova got a new boyfriend,” the Sun quoted an insider as saying.
Sharapova, currently World No 6, has been recovering from a shoulder injury.
She mentioned her new man, who happens to be the son of the chairman of TV network NBC Sports, at a charity auction where she is auctioning herself at the bash.
“My boyfriend will outbid this price,” she said.
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