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After a deal between the Cardinals and Rockies fell through in the last couple days, the Rockies moved on and dealt their All-Star outfielder Matt Holliday to the A's reportedly. No details on who the Rockies are getting in return.

In their talks with the Cardinals, rumors were the Rockies would get outfielders Ryan Ludwick and Skip Schumaker in the deal. The 30-year-old Ludwick had an absolutely monster 2008 season, hitting .299, with 37 homers, 119 RBI, and an OPS of .966. However, this was his first season with success at all and there are obviously questions as to whether or not he'll ever repeat such a season. Schumaker, 28, also had a very good year hitting .308 for the Cardinals. So these were solid pieces for the Rockies to receive in return, making you wonder what they could get from Oakland.

In my opinion, the Rockies need a good young starting pitcher in return for the 28-year-old Holliday. They don't need anymore corner outfielders or infielders, as they've been blocking players such as Ian Stewart because of their logjam at the positions recently. That's also why it's possible they deal third baseman Garrett Atkins as well.

As for Holliday, there's plenty of questions about how well he'll do when he's not playing 81 games each year at Coors Field. His home/road splits are pretty drastic. In his career at home, Holliday has hit .357 with 84 homers, 307 RBI, slugging % of .645, and an OPS of 1.068. Compare that to the road, where he's hit .280 with 44 homers, 176 RBI, slugging % of .455, and an OPS of .803.

We'll have more details as they come.

UPDATE(3:20 PM ET): Names mentioned by Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal: OF Carlos Gonzalez, P Huston Street, P Greg Smith.

Gonzalez is a top prospect that many think is a future All-Star, and if he's involved, I think the A's could definitely regret this trade. He played most of his games in his rookie '08 campaign in CF, but the Rockies have their own great prospect in Dexter Fowler ready to take over there. Gonzalez also played many games in RF, but Brad Hawpe is currently there for the Rockies.

As for Huston Street, there were rumors of him being traded before the deadline, and the Rockies would seem to be a perfect fit now. Their 2008 closer Brian Fuentes will not be back, Manny Corpas was awful last year in the role, and they like Taylor Buchholz in the setup role.

Greg Smith's a promising 24-year-old left-hander who had a 4.16 ERA in 2008.

If this is the deal, I like it a lot more for the Rockies than the rumored deal with the Cardinals. They get the young starting pitcher they need, they fill the closer's role, and they get a potential All-Star outfielder in Carlos Gonzalez although it's unclear where he'd play. In the games I watched of him, it seems like he could play anywhere and you'll worry about that "problem" when it comes.

For the A's, I'm thinking they'll regret this deal. Holliday's splits are a big enough concern, now you're putting him in the pitcher-friendly park in Oakland?

UPDATE(3:50 PM ET): Tim Brown of Yahoo claims those are indeed the 3 players going to the Rockies.

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