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What I Watched - Maui
I've been watching a lot of the Maui invitational, which I guess may be partly due to being a dope and passing up going last year... anyways here is what I've learned through 3 days:
  • North Carolina is really, really good. They don't have everyone back or everyone up to speed yet, and they still are crazy good. They certainly look like the team to beat.
  • Notre Dame surprised me, I knew they were good, but I didn't really trust a team whose 2 best players have 4 syllable last names (McAlarney and Harangody)... I may have been wrong
  • Texas is good. They lost a great game to Notre Dame in the final minute, I still think that once they gel, they will be outstanding.
  • Oregon has uniforms just for Maui, at least I hope so.
    Otherwise why do they have flowers on them, you never know though, it is Oregon.
  • St. Joes and Alabama were in the tournament as well and Bama looked to be a decent team
  • The most enjoyable part of Maui for me was watching Indiana. Wow they are bad, they were blew out by Notre Dame and St. Joe's and then barely beat Chaminade. It could be a long, long season for the Hoosiers... which would make me very happy
What Happened
On Tuesday, Davidson took on Loyola (MD) and Stephen Curry was held scoreless. How? A triangle and two was used with 2 defenders trailing Curry everywhere. The result? Davidson playing 4 on 3 and routing Loyola by 30. After the game Loyola Coach Jimmy Patsos was pretty proud of himself saying:
"We had to play against an NBA player tonight," Patsos explained. "Anybody else ever hold him scoreless? I'm a history major. They're going to remember that we held him scoreless or we lost by 30?"

His team was down by 22 at the half and yet he kept playing 4 on 3 for the whole game. Wow.

What I Read
Citizens from Danville, Illinois have accused the high school basketball coach of racism, where 8 black students were cut from the basketball team. The problem? The team is all black. That isn't stopping outraged parents who have organized protests and asked for boycotts. Some of those cut have said it is because they wore braids, although others cut didn't have braids.

I just want to know how racial profiling was involved... wow. To read more click here.

What to Watch
First of all I want everyone to enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays, and want to remind you that there is plenty of basketball to watch coming up. Tournaments around the country will start to finish up in the next week, so that means that you can watch the finals of the Pre-Season NIT, Old Spice Classic and others. Next week also starts the Big10 - ACC "Challenge". Some of the games to watch in that are Duke at Purdue on Tuesday and UNC vs Michigan State (at Ford Field) on Wednesday.

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