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Davidson Guard Stephen Curry Is Already Lighting It Up, As He Dropped 44 Points Tuesday On Oklahoma.

I was told chicks dig alliteration, hence the title, I have a feeling that isn't the case though. So anyways, I love college basketball. Since I am employed by them and live in the state of Illinois, my team is the Illini, however there will always be a spot in my heart for UCLA. Well, anyways here are my thoughts and some predictions on the year...

Baron's Top 5 Teams:

1. UNC - Absolutely terrific, although Zeller is out for the year, Psycho T (what a turrable nickname) will be back soon. They are loaded.
2. Michigan State - Sure this is biased, but they are loaded too. Great coaching, experienced bigs, dynamic forwards and explosive guards... what is not to like?
3. UConn - Thabeet is a force in the post, but they will go as far as their guards take them... which could be to March.
4. Texas - Replacing Augustin will be tough, but Texas has the players and the experience to make up for DJ. Plus A.J. Abrams has one of the prettiest jumpers in college.
5. Louisville - I don't know, I was going to go with the homer pick of UCLA... that would have turned out well.

Baron's Starting 5:

PG - Darren Collison (UCLA)
SG - Stephen Curry (Davidson)
SF - James Harden (Arizona State - not a lot of bigtime SFs out there, so I cheated)
PF - Blake Griffin (Oklahoma)
C - Tyler Hansbrough (UNC)

Baron's Top 5 Freshmen:

PG - Jrue Holiday (UCLA), may be better than Collison, which is pretty impressive
SG - Demar Derozan (USC), is so good he got Lil Romeo a scholarship... wow
SF - Scotty Hopson (Tennessee), big "guard" who can score in bunches
PF - Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest), absolute stud, I'm a huge fan
C - B.J. Mullens (Ohio State), do they grow on trees out there? This is getting ridiculous

Baron's Favorite "Under-the-Radar" Players to Watch:

G - Patrick Mills (St. Mary's)
G - James Harden (OK, so I cheated again, but I love his game)
F - Ramar Morgan (Michigan State, he's a stud)
F - Austin Daye (Gonzaga, I know Gonzaga is so cliche now, but he's good, and they may be for real for once... doubtful though)
C - A.J. Ogilvy (Vanderbilt, he looked awful tonight, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt)

So, I'm running out of things to talk about, I might have some more later, but as of now, I'm spent.

And James Harden, Just For Good Measure. This Guy Can Fly.

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