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Brett Favre - Success?

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 11/02/2008 09:30:00 AM | , , , ,

Eric Mangini just put the Jets on notice, which makes me smile as another mainstream outlet steals stuff from us. Maybe we should put Mangini on notice for not giving us credit?

Anyways, the talking heads on ESPN are discussing whether Brett Favre has been a success this year...the Jets are 4-3, but have scored the second most points in the NFL. Favre has thrown 15 TDs, second most in the AFC. 68.5% completion rate, which is also second (behind Chad Pennington, funnily enough). 6th in the AFC in yards. 2nd in picks thrown with 15.

So you've got a mediocre team that obviously has a defense that leaves something to be desired. Does that make Favre a success? Not a success? I don't think success is the right word. He's having a good year. The stats bear that out. The picks are high, yea, but they always are. I'm not a huge fan of, I hate him with a passion. Every year when he does this retirement tease, I hate him a little more. But the numbers are there.

But to call him a success? Success would seem to require that his team be in the thick of the playoff hunt. Surely the Jets didn't bring him in so they could win 7 games but he could put up good numbers. The point of the season is to win the games (YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAMES!), and the Jets are doing it at just a slightly better clip than they're losing them.

So I don't think you can call the Brett Favre - Jets experiment a success yet. If they somehow pick it up and finish the season with 10 wins, that changes things.

Oh, and I know that my classification of the Jets defense may be unfair as Favre has directly contributed to two TDs (one by pick, one by fumble) for the opposition. And I can't go back through each game and see how Favre's non-TD turnovers indirectly caused a score.

So there's that. What I also found funny was that Cris Carter or Keyshawn Johnson (or both) justified Favre's role as close to, if not, successful by saying that 'this is what you expect from Favre'. That's nonsense. I expect to get winded and pass out at the end of a mile run, that doesn't make it a successful run when I am laying on my back in the middle of the road. It just makes it predictable.

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