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Gina Carano Party Pics!

Posted by Matt Clapp | 11/11/2008 04:58:00 PM | , , , , ,

Since Fly loves Gina Carano and knows a lot more about her than I do, he did the write up:

Gina that's a tasty strumpet. And by strumpet, I mean
ass-kicking woman who could probably lift me over her head, spin me
around, and then twist me into a pretzel. I'd like every second of it,

She apparently got down with the ladies outside of the cage recently.
(Pics through the link from our friends at Fan IQ).

Personally, I love it. It's good to see her taking her sport and
thrusting it in the limelight like no one else can. If Randy Couture
were seen doing this sort of thing, MMA would implode, my stomach
would turn, and Dana White would inevitably curse.

It's too bad EliteXC has closed it's doors. Now the only place one can
see sanctioned girl-on-girl action is Clapp's bedroom and Cinemax.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures. And remember, if she ever were to get you
in a triangle choke, be sure you enjoy it before you pass out. You'll
regret it if you don't.

And there's a few more pics of her drunk at this party that you can find at Fan IQ. Check it out and let them know the Thigh sent ya.

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