Megan Fox As Wonder Woman? | Sharapova's Thigh

Is the winner of the 2008 Hot Ladies Tournament champion going to be starring as Wonder Woman in the movie Justice League Of America?

Rumors have been swirling since the above photo was released at However, it sounds like the rumors are apparently false, and the above picture is apparently a fake, albeit a very good one that's making me feel like a 15-year-old boy that walked into a girls locker room.

Megan Gale is slated to be Wonder Woman in the film, and the 32-year-old Australian is very sexy herself. But... she's no Megan Fox in my book, and apparently yours as well judging by the votes from you readers that led her to the Thighnal Four and beyond.

The movie isn't scheduled to be released until 2011, so they have plenty of time to change their minds. Let your voice be heard!

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