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Myron Rolle Is A Stud

Posted by Baron | 11/30/2008 11:54:00 PM | , ,

So when I think academics and college football, the last school I think of is Free Shoes University. When Myron Rolle was a recruit coming out of high school he was a top 15 player who graduated early from high school and said that he was really interested in academics... but then he chose FSU and people rolled their eyes and thought 'he sure cares about academics'.

Well, after graduating early with a focus in pre-med and winning a Rhodes scholarship, Rolle has gone full circle. According to, Rolle will be forgoing his senior year of eligibility to study in Oxford, England. The amazing thing about all of this is not that there is a smart football player, for instance Illinois' All-Conference Center (Ryan McDonald) has a GPA over 3.8 in Aerospace Engineering and has interned with NASA, but that a smart football player is sooo good. Rolle is an All-American with legitimate first day NFL talent, and he is foregoing the chance at the NFL for two years.

Kudos to Myron Rolle, a true scholar athlete.

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