NCAA Chaos Theory | Sharapova's Thigh

If you hate the BCS...and I assume you do because you're a reader here and that makes you intelligent...then this is what you're pulling for Saturday.

And yes, I am bumping the Thigh of the Week. It's not Sunday, Clapp. It's football day. Ass.

But the Thigh of the Week is below.


Alright. As of right now we have Alabama and a bunch of 1 loss teams before undefeated Utah. Let's operate under the assumption that short of the Apocalypse, Utah is not going to play for the National Title (though that would be a massive kick to the nuts of the BCS).

Florida vs Florida State - You're pulling for Florida State. You want the second loss placed on Florida.

Alabama vs Auburn - Roll Tide as you want them to maintain their undefeated season.

Next week: Florida vs Alabama - Now you're pulling for Florida. You've got the SEC champion with 2 losses and an Alabama team with only 1.

Oklahoma vs OK St - You're pulling for Oklahoma. This creates the 3 way tie in the Big XII South (You're also pulling for Texas Tech over Baylor).

Big XII Champ - Now you're pulling for the Big XII North Team to defeat whichever of Texas/Oklahoma made the championship game (assume that Texas Tech isn't going to make it, but not the end of the world if they did). For the purpose of this exercise, I am assuming Oklahoma made and lost this game.

Oregon St vs Oregon - You're pulling for the Beavers (like I do every morning in my shower). This makes Oregon St the PAC 1o champs.

You want Southern Cal to win out.

What this does to the BCS:

You have 4 teams (Alabama, Texas Tech, Texas, USC) all with 1 loss that are probably at the top of the BCS standings that did not even win their own conference. What do you do then if you're the BCS title game? Take Penn State? Can you take a 2 loss Florida or Oklahoma over these 1 loss teams? Does this put Utah into the question?

I don't know the answer to these questions. But it would be really interesting to watch the BCS incorrectly sort this out. My prediction would be both Alabama and Texas would make the title game, two teams that didn't even win their conference (and one team that didn't even play in the title game).

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