Pats Better Off With Cassel Over Brady? | Sharapova's Thigh

So I'm watching NFL Network because I have a sick addiction to the NFL. Gotta get in my "Playbook" fix every week with Baldinger and Sharpe. I like watching NFL film being broken down almost as much as I like watching Asian porn. Anyway, they showed a preview for their Sunday morning pregame show, "NFL Gameday". The preview said(and this likely isn't the exact quote but close at least), "Tomorrow on NFL Gameday, are the Patriots better off with Matt Cassel instead of Tom Brady? We'll discuss this..."

Um, seriously? This guy has a couple of great games, and we're already discussing if he's better for the Patriots than a QB coming off the greatest season in the history of QB's, and is one of the greatest QB's ever? Really?

Look, they'll probably just shoot down that talk immediately tomorrow, it's surely a way to just get some more viewers, and it's quite possible they were going somewhere else with this... but this even being suggested is more absurd than Amy Winehouse entering a supermodel pageant.

Tom Brady led the Patriots to 3 Super Bowl victories, was the Super Bowl MVP twice, and he's won pretty much every award possible. And he just had his best season last year for crying out loud: 50 TD(most ever in a season), only 8 INT(1 INT for over every 6 TD), had a passer rating of 117.2(2nd best ever in a season), and led his team to an undefeated regular season and another trip to the Super Bowl.

So yeah, if Cassel ever even sniffs those things, maybe we can talk about that. But it can't happen in one season and I'd bet my left nut he'll never get close to it, and the same holds true for almost everybody out there so I'm not ripping on Cassel.

Now, we don't know how Brady will recover from this injury, and if he's not close to what he used to be, then the argument of who is currently better for the team is understandable. Save that for next year though when we have a better idea of Brady's health. I don't care if Cassel completes every pass for the remainder of the season and playoffs, he still can't top Brady just yet. If Bill Belichick were asked if he'd rather have Tom Brady(assuming he's healthy) or Matt Cassel at QB, he'd probably laugh his ass off, and he NEVER laughs.

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