Rashida Jones In "Office" Spin-Off | Sharapova's Thigh

We've started to get some more details on what's been known for awhile now as "The Office" spin-off show. We know Amy Poehler's in the show, and she's got a former "Office" character joing the show as well in Rashida Jones. Rashida of course played Karen on "The Office", dating Jim for awhile, and looking super hot. I miss her. She'll apparently be making a return to the show for at least one episode though.

"The Office" alum Rashida Jones has joined the cast of NBC's "don't-call-it-an-'Office'-spinoff" comedy starring Amy Poehler. NBC and producers continue to keep a tight lid on the Poehler sitcom, but some details are starting to emerge. Jones is set to play Ann Logan, a nurse whose boyfriend has a strange injury.

In the meantime, Jones is expected to appear on at least one episode of "The Office" this season.

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