Thigh Goddess In GQ Spain(Pics & Video) | Sharapova's Thigh

Thigh Goddess In GQ Spain(Pics & Video)

Posted by Matt Clapp | 11/24/2008 03:53:00 PM | , , , ,

As I told you last week, I'm now writing some fantasy football blogs for Fan IQ. By the way, it's an incredibly addicting website that you've gotta check out if you're a sports fan. I hadn't been there much before last week, and I had no idea what I was missing.

No, I'm not just saying that because I write over there now. When I wrote for the blog suggesting new hairstyles for Clay Aiken did I tell you to go over there? Nope. Or what about the Lizzie McGuire website? Please, I just stole their pictures.

Anyway, with my time over at Fan IQ, I'm making some friends with the readers and some of them have been checking out the Thigh. One such reader alerted me just a bit ago about a gold mine that's in fact, on Fan IQ! See how this is all coming together? What he showed me, are Maria Sharapova pictures from the December edition of GQ Spain, along with a video of the photoshoot. Does this sound familiar? Well we had some sexalicious pictures of Megan Fox from GQ, along with the video of the photshoot just a few days ago.

Note: Kneeling, chanting, or whatever holy act you find important are suggested while looking at the Thigh Goddess.

Link(Fan IQ)

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