Thigh Of The Week: Natalie Gulbis | Sharapova's Thigh

Natalie Gulbis

If there's a hottie out there in the sports world, we'll get to her eventually. Don't worry about it. Yeah, we took awhile to get to Natalie Gulbis and I apologize. Natalie is our first representative I believe of Latvian thigh, although she's lived in America her whole life.

Few women can stroke a wood like the lovely Natalie can, a 5-wood that is. That's because just like another TOTW Anna Rawson, not just is Natalie incredibly gorgeous, but she's also a professional golfer on the LPGA tour. Double whammy there. As you likely figured, she hasn't done too well in the LPGA with just one tournament victory(2007 Evian Masters), since with her looks we'd be talking about a golfing version of Sharapova here. Okay, that's taking it too far and I feel like I've sinned. Now I can only hope the Thigh Goddess can forgive me.

What I really love about this girl, is she knows she's hot and wants to flaunt it. In 2004, Natalie released a calendar of herself with photos like the ones above, but the United States Golf Association banned these calendars from being sold at events. Bullshit. She soon followed it up with appearing in FHM, take that USGA assholes!

She's also had tons of endorsement deals of course, had her own reality show on The Golf Channel, appeared in the 2007 version of the video game Tiger Woods PGA Golf, etc.

I'm begging you Natalie. Please step your game up so we see your fine ass on TV more.

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