Thigh Of The Week: Natalie Martinez | Sharapova's Thigh

Natalie Martinez

Funny how this "Thigh Of The Week" came to be. You see, I was searching for our previous TOTW Natalie Gulbis, and when you start typing in a name on Google, it gives you a list of options for what you're typing, in this case Natalie. I accidentally clicked this beautiful young woman Natalie Martinez who I had never heard of. Just like that, she's receiving an award.

That's a lesson out there to all you ladies. To receive awards in life, all you have to do is look hot. You'll be honored. Whether it's on here or for really anything else in life. Look at the reporters you see on television. These women make Pacman Jones look wise, but nobody cares because you just stare at their rack or beautiful face the whole time(I'm speaking of you Lindsay Soto).

Anyway, all that we know about this 24-year-old Cuban American(you guessed it, she lives in Miami) beauty, is that she's a spokesmodel for "JLO" by Jennifer Lopez, and she played the role of Michelle Miller in the show Fashion House. She's also in the movie Death Race, and has been in some music videos. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about Natalie in the near future though, as the sky's the limit for this thigh.

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