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Vikki Blows
Vikki Blows is a representative of British Thigh. She could add on a few more pounds, but that's a good problem to have. The thigh's only going to expand. Plus, a skinny ass like me is just fine with this.

Additionally, she even admits a special talent in her name! Actually, it's a real name which she explains on her MySpace, as well as some other very interesting tidbits:
Welcome to my page
Vikki Blows IS my real name
Im 20 years old i live in essex
no I dont own any white stilitoes , oh ok maybe 1 pair
I get my tiitys out 4 a living, its alright
i do this as i am too lazy to get a proper job ;-)
my heart is set on world domination
this absoultely must happen
In fact i wont stop til it does
I have 8 pierceings and 6 tattoos, i do plan on getting more
I can never park my car
Im obsessive, compulsive and i hate germs
I wash my hands way too much
my birthday is the 30th december
I like drinking tea
Cunt is a good word, one of my favs in fact
I nearly always forget to wear socks
I hate my website, its being changed
Air drums are sooo much better than air guitar
I dont Drink or do Drugs, I have the odd cigarette now and then tho
Im a bit of a dickhead sometimes
I have the worst fear of Vomit, and im scared of the dark
I spend most of my time doing Nothing , im not complaining
im very shy
i wish i could dress up like a pin up girl everyday
i am taking back control, kos im sick of the lies
Contrary to my myspace page, I hate talking about myself
Im nothing like you think i am.
So there ya go, she's just your normal girl. But seriously, I'm a fan of the dark, innocent mystique she carries. It's definitely not for everybody, but I find it super hot, and I'm writing the blog so take that.

The last pic is from her 2009 calendar which you can tell if you can read, and you can purchase that here. Just trying to help ya out Vikki. Maybe you can do a little something for me. Look at your name for a hint.

Oh, and it should be noted that she likes to show her titties as she mentioned in that MySpace bio, and you'll be able to see plenty of those pics on our forum, Between The Thighs.

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