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This game wanted to die at half, but our Constitution does not allow for assisted suicide, in spite of the Thunder's players best efforts. 105-80 is your final score.

Some fellow named Mohaumed Sene is imposing his will to the tune of 4 pts and 3 boards. Next thing I know, Clapp will have me dropping Nowitzki to pick him up in my fantasy league. 103-75 NO.

How do you call a travel with 3 mins left in a 30 point game. And on Melvin Ely, no less!!! Cut the dude some slack. 101-71 NO.

And just like that, the 5 W's are broken up. Sadly enough, that's probably the only time this year the Oklahoma City crowd gets to see 5 W's. 97-71 NO.

Now Weaver is on the court! We have 5 W's out there! 10 U's! This has to be the greatest moment in the history of anything. 95-69 NO.

James Posey out? Mike James in? This game is getting bigger and bigger by the moment! What if they were on the court at the same time??? I don't know exactly what would happen, but I bet it resembles the plot of Waterworld. 93-66 NO.

As part of my "not their real name" series...Hilton Armstrong? That doesn't even sound close to real. Big Game James Posey is really showing up now in this, the biggest of games! (I call everyone with the name James "Big Game". Especially the James in the Bible). 90-64 NO.

There are 4 people on the floor with a last name that starts with W (Wright, Westbrook, Wilcox, Wilkins). 4 Ws. 8 U's! This is the best moment of this game, by far.

It appears the starters for the Hornets have packed up their ball and gone home, for the most part (sorry, Rasual Butler...but you're no starter in my book). The bad news for Oklahoma City, though, is that means a return to the floor by the unstoppable Devin Brown! 88-64 NO.

The end is nigh for this game...and the blog. Also coming to an end: me and the Oklahoma City Thunder. 83-57 NO.


Every player who stops the clock in this game from this point out should be fined and/or shot.

I've seen a lot of names that don't suit the race before. Ken Harvey a black guy? Yea, I didn't believe it either. I can assure you, though, there is no player who has a name that defies his race more than Johan Petro. Yea, this is what the blog is devolving to. 80-53 NO.

I'm convinced that the Thunder thought they were getting Damien Wilkins' uncle, Dominique, when they signed him. In fact, I don't think I could be made to believe otherwise. 72-49 NO.

Not only is Nick Collison making me look like a jackass for dropping him (16 pts, 13 boards), but he purports to make a game out of this. Of course, Peja seems to be hellbent on making me look good. 66-49 NO.

The Thunder are storming back behind Nick Collison's double-double! *grumble*. I wonder what the over/under is for number of times they play "Thunderstruck" during a game there? 62-45 NO.

If nothing else, at least the nation gets to see the Thunder's brand of basketball...or whatever this is. I seriously doubt ESPN puts them on again. At least, against a men's team. 62-41 NO.

Contrary to my expectations, the Thunder appear to have come out again for the second half. Well, physically, at least.


And we go to half...and what a competitive half it was! The Thunder are really showing us the talent and skill that has made them the pride of a city marred by bombs and the fact that it is in Oklahoma. 60-39 NO.

Collison Watch! 10 pts and 8 boards before half. David Lee is done playing and ended with 13 and 12. Clapp's FanIQ gig is starting to look shady. 54-35 NO.

How awesome would it be if Seattle woke up one morning and the Space Needle had been moved to Oklahoma City? Really awesome, I think. 48-28, NO.

For the record, I am one semester away from having my JD and I'll be damned if I can figure out how to use the colors on this site.

Clapp: A great drinking game... whenever Hubie Brown(who I think is as good of an analyst as there is in the game so this isn't a knock on him) says "high percentage shots", you chug. You'll be stumbling and slurring in no time.

I had no idea PJ Carlesimo was still in the league until the 4:54 mark of the second quarter of this game. Can I assume he was hired sometime before that point? 41-24 NO.

And Chris Paul is coming back into the game. 11 assists per game for Paul. Those are XBox numbers.

Devin Brown is unstoppable. James Posey with an uncontested layup. How long before ESPN cuts to poker? 37-22 NO.

I'm sorry, but "love affair" is just not a proper term when dealing with a city. What does that imply? That New Orleans didn't know of the Hornets and OKC's rendezvous? Is New Orleans going to get jealous now and come after the Hornets with a power saw and a very, very metal bottle opener? I'm sorry baby, she was just a friend...35-22 NO.

What's left of the Knicks is losing by 21 to the Bucks...LeBron, are you watching? David Lee does have a double double, though!

James Posey for 3...splash! Splash?!?! Really? At least flare it up a bit. Like "Splash goes the orange fish!"33-22 NO.

Watching the Hornets without Chris Paul in is really, really boring. The NBA should put hits out on Paul's defenders. If he gets hurt, that's a major blow to NBA watchability (if's like drinkability, but for the eyes).

I don't know anything about basketball...but if Devin Brown "cannot be covered by anyone on the floor right now", then maybe OKC should just forfeit? Even more, why not give it to Devin Brown every time? He's unstoppable. Wait, who is Devin Brown? 28-19 NO.

Nancy Lieberman...I'm pretty sure she could play the 4 for the Thunder.

Collison Watch! 6 pts and 3 boards through the first quarter. Meanwhile, David Lee still has the 11 pts and 9 board at the end of the 3rd. Clapp is starting to get worried.


Some nonsense occurred on the other end of the court that involved Chris Wilcox. This is awesome. 26-17 NO.

If I were David Stern, after I got done getting laid because...hey...I'm rich, I'd make a rule that fouls cannot be called before the final 2 mins of the half/game. That'd be awesome. Then we could really see Ron Artest at his finest.

Devin Brown just had happen to him what would happen to me any time I attempted to lay the ball up at any level. Neighborhood, High School, Girl Scout's all over my face. The ball, that is. 22-15 NO.

Clapp's laughing at my last comment. I can only assume it's because he's reading 'annals' as 'anals'. I guess that is funny. Some big headed guy is taking up 20% of my screen. 22-12 NO.

Because we're professionals, we're not letting a little thing like a font mishap bring us down. Although my penis remark was lost in the annals of the site.

I think the natives of Oklahoma City are hoping for a hurricane to come through, annihilate the Thunder, and then another come through and displace the Hornets again. 17-12 NO.

Clapp: And the real question is, which team has the uglier jerseys? You already know my answer.

I see Collison has 4 pts and 2 boards! Of course, David Lee, who I picked up in Collison's place, has 11 pts and 9 boards early in the second half. That's why Clapp's the fantasy genius!

The Thunder are scoring at a 41 percent clip this year. Yuck. But that's still a higher scoring percentage than I feature on a normal Friday night. Zing! Wait, I just zinged myself. 11-6 NO.

I don't know anyone on this Thunder team other than Kevin Durant and Nick Collison. And I only know the latter because I had him on my fantasy team before Clapp made me drop him. As such, expect him to go 30-20 tonight. 9-6 Hornets.

We pick it up at the 8 min mark with a 7-4 Hornets lead. I expect this is as close as it gets.

I'm tired. And not going out. So let the dulcet tones of the Thigh take you into the night...with live blogging.

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