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Things will go better against the Seahawks this time around for Tony Romo.
Week 13's Best...

QB: Tony Romo.
It appears his finger his healed or at least good enough to be a kickass fantasy QB again. Romo threw for 341 yards and 2 TD, and has the 31st ranked Seattle pass defense at home on Thanksgiving.
RB: Ronnie Brown. The Dolphins' RB has been in a fantasy slump. The Rams and their 30th ranked run defense are the perfect slump buster, if you can't find a fat chick.
WR: Terrell Owens. With Romo's success comes T.O.'s success. 7 catches for 213 yards and a TD last Sunday against the 49ers. He should have another big fantasy performance Thursday.
TE: Tony Gonzalez. One of the few bright spots for the Chiefs this past Sunday as he had 10 catches for 113 yards and 1 TD. Against Oakland, no reason he can't have another huge day.
K: Rob Bironas. A very good kicker, indoors, and his offense should get into scoring position quite a bit.
D/ST: Baltimore Ravens. The Titans against the Lions might seem like the better choice, but the Lions are known for coming out and playing hard on Thanksgiving, and the fact that they're winless should only motivate them even more to play a good game. Of course, their lack of talent will probably prevent that from happening. Anyway, the Ravens defense is as good as any and against and should be a great play against the crappy Bengals.

Sleeper Picks...

QB: Joe Flacco.
The rookie QB has quietly put together some very good games of late. He has double-digit fantasy performances in his last 6 games. Look for him to continue that trend against the Bengals.
RB: Darren McFadden. It appears he's healthy and the Raiders gotta keep giving him the ball. 2 TD last week, and Justin Fargas just can't get into the end zone for whatever reason. He seriously does so well, then he needs 1 more yard, can't get it. So the Raiders then gave the rookie McFadden a toss and let him just run it in after Fargas failed a couple more times last week. And remember in week 2 against the Chiefs, McFadden ran for 164 yards and a TD. A duplicate performance would not surprise me one bit.
WR: Kevin Curtis. Donovan McNabb will be looking to have a huge game in particular, and Curtis is his most reliable target. He only had 2 catches for 12 yards last week, but that could even be considered impressive with how bad McNabb and Kolb were. The Cardinals' pass defense is below average, and Curtis should be able to get open and have a solid game.
TE: Greg Olsen. To beat the Vikings Sunday night in Minnesota, the Bears will have to pass the ball well as they're unlikely to run for much success against the Vikings' superb run defense that ranks 2nd in the NFL. In week 7 against the Vikings, Greg Olsen had his best game of the season, catching 6 passes for 74 yards and a TD. Plus tight end Desmond Clark is not a sure thing to play in the game with a knee injury, which would likely give Olsen even more time on the field.
K: Dan Carpenter. Pretty much identical to what I said about Rob Bironas.
D/ST: Buffalo Bills. Not a bad defense and they'll host a struggling 49ers squad. If you're looking for a defense for this week off the waiver wire, this is a solid choice.

Shit Picks...

QB: Matt Cassel. You can only go down after 2 straight games with only 400 yards. Plus he'll be facing the league's best defense. He can get double-digit fantasy points again, but another huge week isn't in the cards. I'd start at least 15 QB's over him this week, and that would be the case for just about any QB facing the Steelers.
RB: Tim Hightower. Last 3 weeks: 22 rushing yards, 35 rushing yards, 21 rushing yards.
WR: T.J. Houshmandzadeh. I just don't know if Ryan Fiztpatrick can get him the ball against the Ravens defense. He had 4 catches for only 20 yards last week against the Steelers, and he had only 3 catches for 44 yards against the Ravens in week 1. He's a terrific fantasy WR, but this shouldn't be one of his better weeks and I'd rank him out of the top 20 WR's this week.
TE: Vernon Davis. Yeah he has 2 TD's in his last 3 games, but he also only has 3 catches. Buffalo has to have this game, and as I already established, I like their defense in this game.
K: Matt Prater. The Broncos kicker was awful last week, going for 1 for 3 on field goal attempts. He's 5 for his last 10. Keep him out of your lineup until he shows some consistency.
D/ST: Carolina Panthers. The Packers need this game to keep up their hopes in the NFC North race(they'd drop 2 games back with a loss as the Bears or Vikings will get a win), so look for Aaron Rodgers to rebound with a good performance after a rough Monday night game.

My Week 12 Picks(scoring based off ESPN standard league settings)...
Best: Jay Cutler(6 Points), Matt Forte (24 Points), Anquan Boldin(14 Points), Tony Gonzalez(17 Points), Jeff Reed(9 Points), Pittsburgh Steelers(7 Points).

Sleepers: Kyle Orton(9 Points), Derrick Ward(15 Points), Deion Branch(1Point), Zach Miller (4 Points), Sebastian Janikowski (7Points), Cleveland Browns(8 Points).

Shit: Brett Favre(14 Points), Cedric Benson(3 Points), Marques Colston(13 Points), L.J. Smith(0 Points), Adam Vinatieri(13 Points), New York Giants(1 Point).

Plenty, plenty more to come. I just figured I'd get some of this up as soon as possible with 3 games to come Thursday and people maybe trying to make their fantasy football decisions quicker than usual. Most websites still don't have their rankings and other good fantasy articles up yet. I'll keep updating this baby, don't you worry.

And if you have a fantasy football article that you think I should link, e-mail me at sharapovasthigh@gmail.com.

UPDATE(11/26, 9:30 PM ET): Added a bunch of rankings, injuries, and some more articles since I originally published. I posted the injury report I just did for Fan IQ so make sure to check that out.

UPDATE(11/28, 2:00 AM ET). More links added. What exactly they were I don't remember because I'm drinking.

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