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With the NFL regular season ending yesterday, those of us whose favorite teams did not make the playoffs((damn you Bears) are already looking towards the 2009 NFL Draft.

While we don't know the official draft order and won't until the Super Bowl's played(winner picks 32nd, loser picks 31st), we at least know the order of picks 1-15 and a general idea of the rest of the order of the first round. Picks 16-32 will surely change quite a bit. San Diego for example could win the Super Bowl and go from the 16th pick to the 32nd pick.

For teams with the same record, draft order is determined by strength of schedule, or if a team with that record made the playoffs, they'll pick last for teams with that record. For example, San Diego had a lower strength of schedule than Houston, but since San Diego is in the playoffs, they'll pick after Houston.

Teams that are in the playoffs are in bold.

2009 NFL Draft First Round Order(if it were held today

1. Detroit Lions(0-16)
2. St. Louis Rams(2-14)
3. Kansas City Chiefs(2-14)
4. Seattle Seahawks(4-12)
5. Cleveland Browns(4-12)
6. Cincinnati Bengals(4-11-1)
7. Oakland Raiders(5-11)
8. Jacksonville Jaguars(5-11)
9. Green Bay Packers(6-10)
10. San Francisco 49ers(7-9)
11. Buffalo Bills(7-9)
12. Denver Broncos(8-8)
13. Washington Redskins(8-8)
14. New Orleans Saints(8-8)
15. Houston Texans(8-8)
16. San Diego Chargers(8-8)
17. New York Jets(9-7)
18. Chicago Bears(9-7)
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(9-7)
20. Detroit Lions from Dallas Cowboys(9-7)... Roy Williams Trade
21. Arizona Cardinals(9-7)
22. Philadelphia Eagles(9-6-1)
23. Minnesota Vikings(10-6)
24. New England Patriots(11-5)
25. Atlanta Falcons(11-5)
26. Miami Dolphins(11-5)
27. Baltimore Ravens(11-5)
28. Philadelphia Eagles from Carolina Panthers(12-4)... Jeff Otah Trade
29. Indianapolis Colts(12-4)
30. New York Giants(12-4)
31. Pittsburgh Steelers(12-4)
32. Tennessee Titans(13-3)

If you're having trouble understanding my explanations on how this draft order came to be, read more about it on the 2009 NFL Draft Wikipedia page. If you also think something's inaccurate in the order, post away.

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