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Rick Barnes(Pictured Right) And His Texas Longhorns(Guard A.J. Abrams Pictured Left) Are Impressing.

What I Watched
Tonight there was a great game featuring the Bruins of UCLA at Texas. Texas ended up pulling out a close one, winning by the score of 68-64. This gives the Bruins their second loss of the year, the last time they lost 2 games by December was in 2005-2006, and they didn't pick up their second loss then until New Year's Eve.

Also, what to make of this Texas team? Rick Barnes seems like a likable guy, a great recruiter, and a good coach, but since going to the 02-03 Final Four, he has flamed out early in the tournament with an All-American, and his Texas teams have lost to a lower seed 7 times during his tenure. Will this be the year they put it all together?

What Happened
I watched the majority of the Big 10 - ACC Challenge, even one game live (which will never be spoken of), and I've got to say... the Big 10 is kinda bad. Which makes it all the more curious that this was the closest challenge ever. The ACC's is incredibly strong at the top, as evidenced by North Carolina's thrashing of Michigan State and Duke's beatdown of Purdue (Clapp, I am right about them), but the bottom is pretty weak. The Big 10 is certainly down, but the relative strength of the ACC as a whole is something I now question.

What's the fallout? The Big East is the best conference in basketball, yikes, never thought I'd say that.

What I Read
Louisville lost at home to Western Kentucky. A couple days later, Rick Pitino apologized to Cardinal fans and threw the team under the bus:

In other seasons we could point to injuries or suspensions early on which led to our demise. Now it is very simple. Practice habits create a winning formula. We did not earn the victory. WKU earned that one. They should be congratulated. Very few players can practice without purpose or intensity and suddenly bring it game night. Although Iverson maybe the exception from what is rumored. But then again his record since joining the Pistons is 6-6 and there are no Allen Iversons walking through the YUM! Center.

We will improve our practice habits immediately. We have not sustained our intensity on a consistent basis. That all changes today. We apologize to the fans who paid hard earned money and had to witness such poor execution.

You can read more of what I found was a suprising read at Pitino's blog by clicking on the "Sorry Fans..." link at the bottom under latest news.

What to Watch
Besides the Georgia-Illinois clash on Saturday that I know you will be watching, here are some games of note:


  • Indiana vs Gonzaga (Is there a slaughter rule?)
  • Wisconsin at Marquette
  • Texas vs Villanova
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