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So I am sure all of you thigh humpers out there were worried about the lack of a blog from yours truly, but don't fret... I am still alive and blogging. Illinois decided it would be a great idea to start a week later than most schools so I have gotten to enjoy finals week, or in my case group project week. Luckily for all you, I have still been watching college hoops, so here is what you may have missed.

What I Watched
Earl Clark Really Does It All

Earl Clark. I was perusing ESPN and found a list of college players who have helped their draft stock, one of whom is the Louisville Junior. So I decided to watch the Louisville game last night, actually I had no choice since I don't get NFL Network, and I saw Clark put on a show. He put up 17 points 8 minutes into the game and was beating Ole Miss by himself. Now Clark "slowed down" and ended up with 25 points, 16 rebounds, 6 blocks, and 5 assists... needless to say I was impressed. Clark is a do it all forward who certainly looks like a lottery player.

What Happened
What happened was that the "BCS schools" missed out again. I am sure you have heard of Stephen Curry, who ended up at Davidson because he was recruited without heavy AAU exposure and because he was a runt when he was being recruited. What I can't believe is that no one took a chance on Curry's little brother Seth. Looking at his Rivals profile, no one recruited him and he ended up at Liberty. He is taller than Stephen was, but still he went overlooked... too bad since he leads freshman in scoring and is putting up 20.9 ppg and is shooting 41% from 3... oops.

What I Read
If you aren't reading Club Trillion, the blog by an Ohio State walk-on you are missing out. A friend of mine turned me onto this, and the blog is hilarious. Being involved with college basketball, a lot of it relates, and the author is hilarious. Bill Simmons agrees, and if its good enough for the Sports Guy, it is good enough for you.

Here is the author, who played AAU with Oden and Conley, talking after the national championship game.

What to Watch
Saturday has a ton of games between ranked teams:
Michigan State at Texas - CBS at 2 ET
Xavier vs Duke - Also on CBS at 2 ET

UConn vs Gonzaga - Huge game you can catch on CBS at 4 ET

Davidson at Purdue - Also on CBS at 4 ET

Syracuse at Memphis - ESPN at 6 ET

And then on Tuesday there is probably my favorite game of the year... Braggin' Rights between Illinois and Mizzou. The Illini go for 9 straight at 7:30 ET on ESPN2.

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