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The New York Brinks trunks, I mean Yankees, have emptied their piggy banks and upped their offer to Carsten Charles Sabathia. It looks like the new offer is 7 years $160 million. Apparently Brian Cashman realized that CC was going to take a huge discount to pitch on the West Coast and decided to make his bank breaking offer. Needless to say I don't like this one little bit.

Now on to my unapologetically long tangent.

The Yankees and the Red Sox are what is wrong with sport. Is there a salary cap in football? Uh-huh. Basketball? Uh-huh. Thugs that figure skate? Uh-huh. So why is baseball different? I don't know.

No offense to everybody that I'm about to offend, including most of the major contributors to this blog, but......

We get to October every year and it’s like "Well the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, Cubs and Mets are in the playoff hunt."

Wow, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles. The 6 teams with the highest payrolls are going to be in the playoffs. Super. Glad I didn't see this one coming before this season.

This past season it was nice to see the Rays and Phils get in there and break up the dominance. It showed that money doesn't always buy championships. It was refreshing.

At least set up a system similar to the NBA where you have a salary cap and a luxury tax. That situation at least makes things more interested and turns money real for owners. "Oh you mean we're over the salary cap and would need to match Man Ram's contract dollar for dollar for luxury tax purposes? Um lets go a different direction."

People sit here and wonder why baseball contracts are so absurd. Look no further than the scenario I just finished describing.

As my second aside, Ned Colletti is a freaking moron. He's going to end up giving Man Ram somewhere in the range of $60 million for 3 years. He probably could have locked CC up for $100 million over 5, something like that. When a dude tells you that he wants to pitch you act. You don't leak it the media, rest on your laurels and give Brian Cashman the chance to up his offer for another year and another $20 mill for CC. Here is what should have happened in Vegas:

Ned: Hey CC.

CC: Hey Ned. Sweet shades man.

Ned: Thanks my mistress got them for me.

CC: Awesome. Hey I really want to be a Dodger. I'm almost done with my house down in SoCal. I really want to be down there. Plus I want to swing that lumber. Do you remember when I hit that Jimmy Jack in Dodger Stadium this year for the Indians? Yeah that was sweet.

Ned: Nice. How does $100 over 5 sound?

CC: Cool. Lets do it.

Now Ned is going to lose CC. He'll overpay Man Ram. He'll get Manny being Manny and not Manny being the player he was for the boys in blue last year. The Dodgers will probably still win a watered down NL West, but they probably are not legitimate World Series material.
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