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Dude I got these ideas. I got so many ideas burning through my skull, like going on The Office.

If you're a fan of The Office(or you just read Between The Thighs), you've probably heard about their 1-hour special that will air right after the Super Bowl on February 1st on NBC. So it's a big, big night for the show, and reportedly Jack Black will even be a part of it:

Jack Black has signed on to guest star in the hour-long episode, sources confirm to me exclusively.

The hitcom's producers are keeping the specifics of Black's stint under lock and key, but a just-released NBC press release says this of his role: "Some of the office workers try to secretly watch a bootlegged Hollywood movie during the workday. The movie stars Jack Black and other notable Hollywood actors.
Link(Entertainment Weekly)

Awesome. The episode's supposed to be about Michael Scott being "roasted", so it should be a funny one. Overall I've been a bit disappointed in the show lately, as there's been too much drama and romance, things that take away from what made the show the best on television for awhile. Sounds like this episode will be a great one at least.

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