Former Wisconsin Football Player Threatened To Kill Maria Sharapova & Barry Alvarez | Sharapova's Thigh

Leonard Taylor Jr., a former football player at the University of Wisconsin, was charged on Monday with threatening to kill Maria Sharapova, former Wisconsin football head coach and current athletic director Barry Alvarez, and their families. From the AP article:

"Leonard Taylor Jr., 32, of Indianapolis, faces one felony stalking count and one misdemeanor count of telephone harassment. Online court records didn't list an attorney for Taylor. His father told police Taylor has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and hasn't taken his medication for three months, according to the criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court."

"The profanity-laced messages accused Sharapova of committing various injustices against him. He said he wanted to marry her and kill her and her family.

Taylor also said he intended to come to Madison and kill Alvarez and his family if unspecified demands weren't met within 24 hours.

"Barry, you heard that [expletive] message, [expletive] it. I hate that [expletive] Maria Sharapova ... I just want to look at you one [expletive] last time before I pull the [expletive] trigger, Barry," one message said."


Extremely disturbing news, and thankfully this bastard's been caught. We of course are huge fans of Maria and can only hope she's doing okay. Same goes out to her family, as well as Barry Alvarez and his family. I can't imagine how they're feeling, aside from relieved Taylor can't harm them anymore.

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