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Investors Wanted!

Posted by Koz | 12/02/2008 03:22:00 PM

A new location in Phoenix called “The Clubhouse” will be opening soon…some of us have devised a brilliant plan for this place. We just need your investment dollars!

As you walk in, there will be two side stages…the one on the left entitled “The Divot Fixer” and the one on the right called “The Club Shaft.” A central bar between the two will serve special cocktails known as “Sandy Bunkers.” Served in chilled golfbag shaped mugs, of course!

As you jog down the middle of the fairway of The Clubhouse, watch out for “The Dogleg Right,” a special area for lap dances that is sure to make you want to put a little slice in your swing.

Once you jaunt past the dogleg, you’ll come up on the main stages, two simultaneous ones in individual rooms known as “The Putting Green” and “The 19th Hole.” The Putting Green will serve as a specially designated area for 21st birthdays and first time visitors, whereas the 19th Hole will provide a little more risqué environment for “corporate outings.” Skins game, anyone?

And feel free to visit our special individual back rooms for one on one dance viewings and specially arranged lap dances known as “Ball Washers.” They’re sure to add a couple extra yards to your power stroke.

Who's in?

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